Reece Lux, CA

"Next year of my life will be spent trying out new things I like to do and see where life takes me. My favorite part of high school was getting to leave and join Bridge Academy during my senior year. I feel like that’s when I was finally able to live my life fully happy without the constructs of public school bringing me down. A motto I like is don’t sweat the small stuff."

What’s Up Next:

Now that high school is finished I look forward to pursuing my interests and exploring life more. I will also be continuing to work and save money.

Emma Dermott, IN

"Visiting New York City my senior year was truly a highlight. Seeing Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, Hook and Ladder from Ghostbusters, and visiting 9/11 memorials were all wonderful memories. My best advice is to pursue happiness and Jesus."

What’s Up Next:

Now that high school is over I plan on continuing to work at Panera and attending Master’s Hotrod School to learn more about auto repair and drag racing, while enjoying life!

Arthur Hellings, Belgium and Portugal

"Just do what makes you happy in life and it will all unfold.”

What’s Up Next:

Keep living my life and see what the future brings.

Noah Parker, PA

“Hard work, dedication, and consistency are the keys to success! My favorite thing I did in high school was learning math, I loved doing it, especially when I actually grasped the concepts.”

What’s Up Next:

Going into the Marines